Celebration Cakes As Pictured Above 
( minus any flower décor, which is extra )

Simple Décor– 3 Layers
4in. Cake feeds 5              $20
6in. Cake feeds 10-15       $40
8in. Cake feeds 20-25      $60
10in. Cake feeds 35-45      $85  
12in. Cake feeds 50-55     $110
14in. Cake feeds 60-65     $130
1/4 Sheet                           $60
 1/2 Sheet                           $110  
( Cakes are Pre-Orders and sometimes need a few weeks notice )
*Carrot, Banana, Cupcake Wars, Gluten Free, Vegan,​ Specialty Flavors, Ombre' Are Additional
Cakes are quoted through email and need to be paid in full a week in advance to secure your order

Tiered Cakes
Simple Décor
Buttercream Simple Décor
Starts at $4 per guest
Simple Décor
Fondant Starts at 
$6 per guest
*Example: If your cake is to feed 100 guest, 
a buttercream cake starts at $400.00
a fondant cake starts at $600.00
*Store credit in lieu of refunds or cancellations 

[HOURS]     Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm    Sunday & Monday Events Only 
[LOCATION]   4328 South St. Lakewood, Calif. 90712
[PHONE] 562.633.6300